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Rich House, Poor House

Did you spot Agatha featured on Channel 5’s new house-swapping documentary series last week?

The new program, ‘Rich House, Poor House’ sees two families from opposite ends of wealth swap homes, budgets and lives for seven days to find out whether money really does buy happiness.

We had the pleasure of Channel 5 coming in-store to film both families on their shopping experience, brands such as Ted Baker, Vivienne Westwood, Polo Ralph Lauren and Gestuz were featured on the program.

Here are a few items that were featured on the program and that we love:

LOOK 1 | Ted Baker ‘Zaralie’ Dress + Ted Baker ‘Kaawa’ Shoes

LOOK 2 | Vivienne Westwood Mayfair Bas Relief Pendant + Bracelet

Look 3 | Inwear ‘Gryta’ Shirt + Inwear ‘Abby’ Cropped Trousers



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